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CroatiaCroatia - ICGEB Workshop "Field Trials and Post-Release and Post-Market Monitoring of GMOs" (5-7 December 2011, Hotel Palace, Zagreb, Croatia)
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) from Trieste, Italiy in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Nature Protection Directorate will organize a workshop in Croatia: "Field Trials and Post-Release and Post-Market Monitoring of GMOs". This workshop will be held from 5 to 7 December in the Hotel Palace in Zagreb and is being organized with the complete financial support from the ICGEB. Twenty foreign participants and forty participants from Croatia are expected to attend the workshop.

Some topics on the Agenda that will be covered during this three-day workshop include the following:

- Legislative Context of the EU in regards to GMO Field Trials (Part B of the Directive)
- GMO Field Trials in Germany from 1990 to 2011
- Inspections of GMO Field Trials in Germany
- Environmental Risk Assessment - The Environment and Nature Protection Perspective
- GMO Field Trials in Belgium
- Specific Issues related to Field Trials of different GM PLant Species (Potatoes, Poplars, Maize, Sugar beet, Oilseed rape, Wheat and Peas)
- German Research Projects commissioned by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation in Support of the European Approval Process
- Interactive Web-Mapping - A Tool for Applicants for the Deliberate Release of GMOs
- An Experience of Mexico in Environmental Risk Analysis for the Release of GMOs into the Environment
- Experience of Mexico in Monitoring Field Trials
- Experience of Brazil in Controls and Inspection of Field Trials with GM Plants
- Experience of Turkey in Field Trials of GMOs
- Legislative Context of the EU in regards to Part C of the Directive
- The role of EFSA in Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) of Applications and Post Market Environmental Monitoring (PMEM)
- Guidance of EFSA on the PMEM
- The Commission Working Group on PMEM (Discussion and Outcome)
- Standardized Methods for PMEM
- Integration of Environmental Surveillance Programmes in PMEM
- Challenges for PMEM (cultivation of multiple-stacked genes; scale of impact-scale of monitoring; site selection)
- Experience of Argentina with Release of GMOs into the Environment
- Case Study "MON810": Post Market Environmental Monitoring (PMEM)
- Brief overview of two publications: Integrated Confinement System for GE Plants (issued by PBS) and The Regulation and Risk Management of Confined Field Trials of Transgenic Plants (issued by Agbios)

Resource persons who will share knowledge and their expertise will be the following experts: Dr. Giuliano Degrassi (ICGEB, Trieste, Italy), Dr. Ulrich Ehlers (Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety, Germany), Dr. Christina Ehlert (European Food Safety Authority(EFSA), Italy), Dr. Katia Pauwels (Scientific Institute of Public Health, Belgium), Dr. Ralf Wilhelm (Julius Kühn-Institut, Institute for Biosafety of GM Plants, Germany), Dr. Birgit Winkel (Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Germany) and Dr. Wiebke Zueghart (Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Germany).