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PhilippinesPhilippines - 2nd Meeting of the Informal Consultative Committee (ICC) of Asia BCH Family (ABF)
The Informal Consultative Committee of the Asia BCH Family held its 2nd meeting on May 10-12, 2017 at Puma Imperial Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, hosted by the Government of Mongolia, thru the Ministry of Nature and the Environment.

The ICC is created in order to promote and facilitate the implementation of the  Asia BCH Road Map (2016-2020) which was developed and finalized during the 2015 BCH Workshop in the Peoples' Republic of China. The ICC members are from the Republic of South Korea, Malaysia, the People's Republic of China, Cambodia, and the Philippines,  with one representative  each from the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD), the United Nations Environment (UNE), the Compliance Committee to the CPB and UN Regional Advisors.

The meeting was convened  to assess the 1st year accomplishments of the ABF in implementing the BCH Road Map (2016-2020) and to plan and finalize the ensuing activities for the remaining 2017, the highlight of which is the holding of the joint ABF & BCH Workshops sometime in November. Notable among the 2016 achievements was the holding of the “Side Event” for the ABF in Cancun, Mexico in December 14 wherein the ABF was introduced and its mission recognized by the UN Environment and the COPMOP, among others.

The ICC agreed to continue its follow up and assist countries, as needed, to comply with the reportorial requirements of the Protocol; encourage  sharing  of information and enhance public awareness within the regional by updating country information and activities in the Asia Regional Portal (ARP) hosted by the KBCH; involvement of the ABF in enhancing regional collaboration  by presenting the Asia BCH Roadmap as a means to implement the provisions of the Protocol. The ensuing activities shall be sustained in order to achieve its objectives and  realize its vision of One Successful BCH Family by 2020 and beyond.

Detailed information about the ABF can be accessed at: http://asiabchfamily.org/?menuno=107

Julieta Fe L. Estacio
NBF, BCH Pilipinas
and Regional Coordinator ABF (2016-2017)