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BelarusBelarus - Belarus. National Biosafety Database and Website biosafety.by
The National Coordination Biosafety Centre at the Institute of Genetics and Cytology, NAS of Belarus announces the transfer of the National Database to a new platform and the change of the domain name from biosafety.org.by to biosafety.by. Currently, all materials are available in Russian. The National Database is updated upon data receipt and contains the sections as follows:
Legislation: laws, normative legal acts, draft laws and draft normative legal acts of the Republic of Belarus.
Documents: international biosafety-related documents, publications related to various biosafety aspects, reviews, press releases.
GMO: Genetically Engineered Organisms, Genetically Engineered Organisms in the Republic of Belarus, Genetically Engineered Ingredients in products, trial fields, GMO detection.
СBD and BCH: BCH website, Belarus profile on the BCH website, common LMO database on the BCH website, CBD and BCH information.
Conferences (all conference-related materials and presentations or links to materials).
Projects: It currently includes UNEP-GEF and CBD projects with conference materials and presentations, roundtables, workshops held in the course of projects’ implementation.
The Nagoya Protocol
New website also includes sections “Home”, “About the Center”, “News”, “Links” to information sites with biosafety databases, “Answers to Questions”.
Sections “Forums” and “Webinars” are particularly worth highlighting. At present, the section “Webinars” contains information on the webinar “Detection, identification and quantitative determination of GMOs in food products, raw materials and seeds within the context of the Republic of Belarus legislation” for employees of the Laboratories for the Detection of GMOs and of the Customs Bodies of the Republic of Belarus held on November 28, 2017 (timezone: GMT+3) by the National Coordination Biosafety Centre of the Institute of Genetics and Cytology, NAS of Belarus. A corresponding on-line training module has been displayed.