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Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands - Second National Workshop (BCH III) Underway in Solomon Islands
A second national workshop for National Authorized Users (NAU) is underway in Honiara, Solomon Islands started yesterday 11th December till 13th December 2018.
The workshop is mainly for relevant national authorized users who are representatives of Government Authorities which includes the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock, Ministry of Forestry & Research, Ministry of Finance (Customs Division), Ministry of Commerce, Labour and Industry, Ministry of Fisheries and Marines Resources, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management & Meteorology.
The main aim of the three days’ workshop is building the capacity of these relevant Government representatives to play an active role as National Authorized Users in the Biosafety Clearing House (BCH) Mechanism. Their responsibility as NAU will be to monitor and submit relevant information on National matters relating to the use or movement of items containing Living Modified Organisms (LMOs) or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to the BCH. 
Since Solomon Islands has ratified the Cartagena Protocol in 2004, it was mandated to ensure protecting our Biological Diversity against threats posed by Living Modified Organisms (LMOs), taking into consideration the fact that the biodiversity is the basis of our peoples’ livelihood. Hence, the workshop is expected to build the capacity of the participants in fulfilling their roles and execute their work more effectively. 
The three days’ workshop involves training on the BCH project generalities which includes finding information on BCH, management of information (registration & identifying roles & duties) and the sustainability of national BCH.
These are series of workshops supported under the UNEP GEF Project for Sustainable Capacity Building for Effective Participation in the BCH (BCH-III). The workshop was conducted by the Pacific BCH regional advisor, Mr. Sam Fonua and Solomon Island BCH-NFP Mr Josef Hurutarau.