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Date of creation
2012-01-11 13:44 UTC (eric.wiedmer@natureconsult.ch)
Date of last update
2015-10-30 16:20 UTC (eric.wiedmer@natureconsult.ch)
Date of publication
2019-07-05 13:05 UTC (annegabrielle.wuestsaucy@bafu.admin.ch)

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General Information
  • Switzerland
Title of document
Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation; Art. 120: Gene Technology in the Non-Human Field
Legislative details
Type of document
  • Law
Subject areas
  • Handling, transport, packaging and identification
  • LMOs for direct use as feed
  • LMOs for direct use as food
  • LMOs for processing
Types of LMOs addressed
  • All types of organisms
Brief description of the document including objective and scope:
Art. 120 Non-human gene technology
1) Human beings and their environment shall be protected against the misuse of gene technology.
2) The Confederation shall legislate on the use of reproductive and genetic material from animals, plants and other organisms. In doing so, it shall take account of the dignity of living beings as well as the safety of human beings, animals and the environment, and shall protect the genetic diversity of animal and plant species.
Date of entry into force
Document details
Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation: Art. 197 Transitional provisions to Art. 120 (Non-human gene technology)
Adopted by the popular vote on 27 Nov. 2005.

Swiss agriculture shall remain free of gene technology for a period of five years following the adoption of this constitutional provision. In particular, the following may neither be imported nor placed on the market:
a. genetically modified plants that are capable of propagation, parts of plants and seeds that are intended for agricultural, horticultural or forestry use in the environment;
b. genetically modified animals that are intended for the production of foodstuffs and other agricultural products.
Regulatory contact information
Contact person
Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
Switzerland, CH-3003
Phone:+41 58 463 83 44
Fax:+41 58 464 79 78
Url:Federal Office for the Environment FOEN