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Record ID
Date of creation
2012-12-19 09:53 UTC (E.Makeyeva@igc.by)
Date of last update
2019-10-30 08:46 UTC (g.mozgova@yandex.ru)
Date of publication
2019-10-30 08:46 UTC (g.mozgova@yandex.ru)

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Person Details
Associate Professor Valentina Aleksandrovna Lemesh
Head of the Laboratory of Genetics and Cell Engineering
Laboratory of Genetic and Cell Engineering
Institute of Genetics and Cytology at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (IGC NASB)
27 Akademicheskaya street
Belarus, 220072
Phone:+375 17 284-1943
Fax:+375 17 284-1917
Url:Institute of Genetics and Cytology, NASB
Additional Information
Relevant information
Biosafety Expert - a member of the Expert Council for Safety of Genetically Engineered Organisms at the Ministry of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus.
Biosafety Expert - a Head of the expert group performed the State Safety Examination of genetically engineered nonpathogenic potato forms for decision-making in regard to permissibility of their first release into the environment.

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