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Gene and DNA Sequence
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2014-02-27 18:15 UTC (gutemberg.sousa@mctic.gov.br)
Date of publication
2014-03-04 21:06 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)

General information
Name of the gene or DNA sequence
mgc3 gene
Category of DNA sequence
  • Protein coding sequence
Is the gene / DNA sequence is a synthetic molecule?
Donor organism
Donor organism
Mycoplasma gallisepticum - MG, MYCGL
Characteristics of the protein coding sequence
Name of the protein expressed by the coding sequence
MGC3 protein
Biological function
The protein MGC3, is a 120-kDa membrane protein and a homologue of 130-kDa protein encoded by the ORF6 gene, which is a part of P1 operon of M. pneumoniae.

MGC3 protein encoded by the mgc3 gene may function as a cytoadherence-associated molecule because the M. pneumoniae 130-kDa protein has been implicated in the cellular adhesion process.
Related trait(s) or use(s) in biotechnology

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