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Biosafety Expert
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2014-12-05 22:54 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)
Date of last update
2018-04-11 19:37 UTC (jannel.gabriel@govt.lc)
Date of publication
2018-04-12 13:36 UTC (melissa.willey@cbd.int)

General information
Nominating Government
  • Saint Lucia
Profile of the Expert
Ms. Anesta Augustin has served as a bioechnologist working with the tissue culture laboratory for some years before taking over the management of that laboratory.  She has recently attended a training course in the US, courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture(USDA) in Agricultural Biotechnology. She also did a short term attachment in Chile on GMO detection in laboratories.  Ms Augustin will assist the country in establishing its first GMO lab detection facility that will be in the interim associated with the tissue culture laboratory and will have oversight management of that facility.  Ms. Augustin also sits on the National Coordinating Committee of the Biosafety Implementation Project. It is expected that Ms Augustin will provide assistance in risk assessment and management for biosafety as the country establishes its biosafety systems.
Personal Information
Ms Anesta Augustin
Saint Lucia
  • Female
  • Saint Lucian
Date of birth
Place of birth
Saint Lucia
Current employment
Employer / Organization
Ministry of Agriculture, Food Production, Fisheries, Cooperatives and Rural Development
Type of organization
  • Government agency
Department / Division / Unit
Tissue Culture Unit, Propagation Station
Start date
Main responsibilities
Assist in the supervision of the Tissue Culture laboratory and acclimatization greenhouses of the Ministry, Plan the work programme of the Unit according to the Ministry's year programme, provide technical support to stakeholders.
Employment history
Countries or regions where you have worked
  • Saint Lucia
Formal education
First Degree or other academic distinction and subject
Example: B.Sc. in Microbiology
BSc. Agronomy
Name of academic institution
University of Granma, Cuba
Other professional qualifications
List of other relevant professional qualifications
Project Manangement
Agricultural Biotechnology
GMO detection, Laboratory methods and Administrative Procedures.
Areas of Expertise
Main areas of expertise
  • LMO sampling and detection
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk management
Language proficiency
"A" = Excellent, "B" = Good, "C" = Fair
Mother Tongue
  • English
Speaking / Level (A B C)
  • French Creole
  • French
  • Spanish
Reading / Level (A B C)
  • Spanish
Writing / Level (A B C)
  • Spanish
Key Professional References
Terrence Gilliard, Union, Castries St. Lucia, Tel:1-758-7209180