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Law, Regulation or Guideline
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Date of creation
2016-10-24 14:16 UTC (augustinkone@yahoo.fr)
Date of publication
2016-10-24 14:16 UTC (augustinkone@yahoo.fr)

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General Information
  • Côte d'Ivoire
  • Côte d'Ivoire
Title of document
LAW N° 2016-553 OF BIOSAFETY OF JULY 26TH, 2016
Legislative details
Type of document
  • National Law
Subject areas
  • All functions pursuant to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
Types of LMOs addressed
  • Animals
Brief description of the document including objective and scope:
The present law constitutes the first stage essential to the implementation of the conditions of handling of modern biotechnologies. This law aims to create good environment for the biotechnologies with the profit of populations based on a perspective of sustainable development.
The present law comprises eight chapters.
The chapter I gather the definitions of terms used in the field of biotechnology to facilitate understanding and employment of them. In the same way, this chapter fixes the field of application.
The chapter II approaches the institutional framework of implementation. This framework comprises :
- National Commission of Biosafety and Biosecurity;
- National observatory of biosafety.
The chapter III lays down the provisions of confined use of the GMO for research or development.
The chapter IV indicates the provisions of the dissemination and marketing of the GMO.
The chapter V approaches the issues of the right of the communities to have zones without GMO.
The chapter VI solves the question of the damage, the responsibility and liability.
The chapter VII indicates issues of infringements and repressions. It approaches the research and the observation of the infringements, the actions and the continuations, the seizures and the confiscations, the administrative sanctions.
So, it is risk prevention related to modern biotechnologies, recommended by Convention on the Biodiversity ratified by Côte d'Ivoire since 1994, which justifies the adoption of this law.
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Commission Nationale de Développement Durable
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