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2017-12-11 21:13 UTC (g.catacora@gmail.com)
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2017-12-12 17:52 UTC (manoela.miranda@cbd.int)

General Information
Socio-economic research on genetically modified crops: a study of the literature
Georgina Catacora-Vargas, University Centre AGRUCO, Faculty of Agricultural, Livestock y Forestry Sciences, University Mayor de San Simón, Bolivia, Rosa Binimelis, GenØk – Centre for Biosafety, Norway; and Agroecology and Food Systems Chair, Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya, Spain, Anne I. Myhr, GenØk – Centre for Biosafety, Norway, Brian Wynne, Centre for Study of Environmental Change, Lancaster University
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The importance of socio-economic impacts (SEI) from the introduction and use of genetically modified (GM) crops is reflected in increasing efforts to include them in regulatory frameworks. Aiming to identify and understand the present knowledge on SEI of GM crops, we here report the findings from an extensive study of the published international scientific peer-reviewed literature. After applying specified selection criteria, a total of 410 articles are analysed. The main findings include: (i) limited empirical research on SEI of GM crops in the scientific literature; (ii) the main focus of the majority of the published research is on a restricted set of monetary economic parameters; (iii) proportionally, there are very few empirical studies on social and non-monetary economic aspects; (iv) most of the research reports only short-term findings; (v) the variable local contexts and conditions are generally ignored in research methodology and analysis; (vi) conventional agriculture is the commonly used comparator, with minimal consideration of other substantially different agricultural systems; and (vii) there is the overall tendency to frame the research upon not validated theoretical assumptions, and to over-extrapolate small-scale and short-term specific results to generalized conclusions. These findings point to a lack of empirical and comprehensive research on SEI of GM crops for possible use in decision-making. Broader questions and improved methodologies, assisted by more rigorous peer-review, will be required to overcome current research shortcomings.
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  • Article (journal / magazine / newspaper)
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Agriculture and Human Values - https://doi.org/10.1007/s10460-017-9842-4 - Online ISSN
Springer Science+Business Media B.V., part of Springer Nature 2017
PDF file (25 pages)
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socio-economic impacts; genetically modified crops; research methods
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