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2019-05-28 19:25 UTC (cjg072@mail.usask.ca)
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2019-07-04 19:21 UTC (austein.mcloughlin@cbd.int)

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The state of genetically modified crop regulation in Canada
Stuart J. Smyth, University of Saskatchewan, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
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Genetically modified (GM) crops were first commercialized in Canada in 1995 and the 2014 crop represents the 20th year of successful production. Prior to the first commercialization of GM crops, Canada reviewed its existing science- based regulatory framework and adapted the existing framework to allow for risk assessments on the new technology to be undertaken in a timely and efficient manner. The result has been the rapid and widespread adoption of GM varieties of canola, corn and soybeans. The first decade of GM crop production precipitated 2 landmark legal cases relating to patent infringement and economic liability, while the second decade witnessed increased political efforts to have GM crops labeled in Canada as well as significant challenges from the low level comingling of GM crops with non- GM commodities. This article reviews the 20 y of GM crop production in Canada from a social science perspective that includes intellectual property, consumer acceptance and low level presence.
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ISSN: 2164-5698 (Print) 2164-5701; DOI:10.4161/21645698.2014.947843
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Taylor and Francis Group
The Author (2014)
10 pages, pdf. format
GM Crops & Food, 5:3, 195-203, DOI: 10.4161/21645698.2014.947843
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