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Date of creation
2019-08-14 19:21 UTC (austein.mcloughlin@cbd.int)
Date of publication
2019-08-14 19:21 UTC (austein.mcloughlin@cbd.int)

General Information
Nanopore sequencing technology: a new route for the fast detection of unauthorized GMO
Marie-Alice Fraiture, Assia Saltykova, Stefan Hoffman, Raf Winand, Dieter Deforce, Kevin Vanneste, Sigrid C. J. De Keersmaecker, Nancy H. C. Roosens
Author’s contact information
Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to Nancy Roosens (email: nancy.roosens@wiv-isp.be)
  • English
Publication date
Summary, abstract or table of contents
In order to strengthen the current genetically modified organism (GMO) detection system for unauthorized GMO, we have recently developed a new workflow based on DNA walking to amplify unknown sequences surrounding a known DNA region. This DNA walking is performed on transgenic elements, commonly found in GMO, that were earlier detected by real-time PCR (qPCR) screening. Previously, we have demonstrated the ability of this approach to detect unauthorized GMO via the identification of unique transgene flanking regions and the unnatural associations of elements from the transgenic cassette. In the present study, we investigate the feasibility to integrate the described workflow with the MinION Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS). The MinION sequencing platform can provide long read-lengths and deal with heterogenic DNA libraries, allowing for rapid and efficient delivery of sequences of interest. In addition, the ability of this NGS platform to characterize unauthorized and unknown GMO without any a priori knowledge has been assessed.
Thematic areas
  • LMO use and transboundary movement
Information on Organisms or LMOs
Gene(s) identification
CaMV 35S promoter - Cauliflower mosaic virus - CaMV
CaMV 35S terminator - Cauliflower mosaic virus - CaMV
Nopaline Synthase Gene Terminator - Agrobacterium tumefaciens - Agrobacterium
Additional Information
Type of resource
  • Article (journal / magazine / newspaper)
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-26259-x
Publisher and its location
Scientific Reports
PDF (12 pages)
Online article
Keywords and any other relevant information
Sequencing, detection, qPCR, rice