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Risk Assessment
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2019-10-30 08:46 UTC (g.mozgova@yandex.ru)
Date of last update
2019-11-04 09:16 UTC (g.mozgova@yandex.ru)
Date of publication
2019-11-04 09:16 UTC (g.mozgova@yandex.ru)

General Information
  • Belarus
Title of risk assessment
Transgenic rapeseed line with incorporated gene sequence aroA, providing resistance to the herbicide glyphosate. Obtaining permission for release into the environment for cultivation for technical purposes.
Date of the risk assessment
Competent National Authority(ies) responsible for the risk assessment
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus
10 Kollektornaya street
Belarus, 220048
Phone:+375 17 200-6691
Fax:+375 17 200-5583
Url:Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
Contact details of the main responsible risk assessor
Dr Galina Mozgova
Head of the National Co-ordination Biosafety Centre
National Co-ordination Biosafety Centre
SSI Institute of Genetics and Cytology, NAS of Belarus
27 Akademicheskaya street
Belarus, 220072
Phone:+375 17 3790297
Fax:+375 17 3781691
Url:National Co-ordination Biosafety Centre
Associate Professor Valentina Aleksandrovna Lemesh
Head of the Laboratory of Genetics and Cell Engineering
Laboratory of Genetic and Cell Engineering
Institute of Genetics and Cytology at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (IGC NASB)
27 Akademicheskaya street
Belarus, 220072
Phone:+375 17 284-1943
Fax:+375 17 284-1917
Url:Institute of Genetics and Cytology, NASB
Risk assessment details
Living modified organism
Canola modified for herbicide tolerance
Анатолий Николаевич Евтушенков Resistance to antibiotics - Kanamycin Resistance to herbicides - Glyphosate
Scope of the risk assessment
Risk assessment report / Summary
Methodology and points to consider
Estimation of the overall risk
Overall environmental risk and human health risk when growing a transgenic rapeseed line for technical purposes is assessed as "medium", subject to the following conditions: the guidelines for growing a transgenic line should be developed and strictly observed, which should contain measures that prevent the spread of GM-line. Instructions for its placement, harvesting, transportation and storage should be developed and strictly observed.
The instructions for storing the GM line should clearly state the conditions that prevent its mixing with non-transgenic rape varieties. The distance from the hives of each of the GM-rape field`s edges should be at least 2.5 km. The monitoring method - RT-PCR to the target gene must be approved and applied.
Need(s) for further information on specific issues of concern
The risk of contamination of Belarusian varieties of non-transgenic rapeseed with a transgenic line under large-scale growing conditions is assessed as "highly probable." This can have certain socio-economic consequences.
LMO detection and identification methods proposed
Additional Information
Additional Information
Following a meeting of the Expert Council on the Safety of Genetic Engineering Organisms of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus, a decision was made on the inadmissibility of using the transgenic line for economic purposes. The decision is based on the conclusion of an expert risk assessment and discussions of the members of the Expert Council, which took into account the fact that fulfilling the requirements that impede the clogging of traditional food-grade breeding Belarusian varieties with the transgenic line for technical purposes is practically impossible.
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