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Gene and DNA Sequence
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2020-09-01 14:31 UTC (austein.mcloughlin@cbd.int)
Date of last update
2020-09-01 14:31 UTC (austein.mcloughlin@cbd.int)
Date of publication
2020-09-01 14:31 UTC (austein.mcloughlin@cbd.int)

General information
Name of the gene or DNA sequence
Maltose binding protein affinity tag
MBP tag
Category of DNA sequence
  • Protein coding sequence
Is the gene / DNA sequence is a synthetic molecule?
Donor organism
Donor organism
Escherichia coli - ECOLX
Donor organism point of collection
Sequence sourced from the malE gene in E. coli.
Characteristics of the protein coding sequence
Biological function
The maltose binding protein (MBP) purification tag is an amino acid sequence attached proteins to allow for the purification and isolation of a recombinant using amylose resin-based chromatography. The methodology exploits the maltose binding capabilities of Escherichia coli gene malE (maltose/maltodextrin-binding periplasmic protein). During purification, the MBP tag binds to amylose resin while the other, non-tagged proteins are eluted. Next, malltose is added to release the MBP-tagged protein from the resin.

The MPB tag improves solubility and reduces toxicity of the recombinant protein compared to other affinity tags. However, the MBP tag is larger than other affinity tags and can potentially be more allergenic.
Related trait(s) or use(s) in biotechnology
  • Protein purification

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