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Country's Decision or any other Communication
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2006-02-01 07:45 UTC (mariakara@moew.government.bg)
Date of last update
2019-08-06 09:13 UTC (ntsvetkov@moew.government.bg)
Date of publication
2019-08-06 09:13 UTC (ntsvetkov@moew.government.bg)

General information
Country submitting the decision or communication
  • Bulgaria
Competent National Authority(ies) responsible for the decision or communication
Ministry of Environment and Water
22 Maria Louisa Blvd
Bulgaria, 1000
Phone:+3592 940 6123
Fax:+3592 940 6127
Url:Bulgarian Biodiversity Portal,Ministry of Environment and Water
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests
55 Hristo Botev Blvd
Bulgaria, 1040
Phone:+359 2 985 11 306
Fax:+359 2 980 18 62
Url:Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests
Title / Reference number of the decision or communication
Domestic regulations that apply with respect to specific imports
Date of the decision
Is the decision taken prior to entry into force of the Protocol?
  • Bulgaria
Is this an amendment to a previous decision / communication?
Decision or communication details
Subject(s) of the decision
  • Notification that domestic regulations shall apply with respect to specific imports of LMOs (Article 14.4)
Decision document
Additional Information
Additional Information
Article 83 of the Bulgarian Genetically Modified Organisms Act stipulates that the import of GMO and of GMO as products or ingredient of products can be done after a permit by the Minister of Environment and Water or by the Minister of Agriculture, Foods and Forestry is acquired following the procedures set in Chapter Three (for GMOs intended for contained use) or Chapter Four (for GMOs intended for release into the environment or for placing on the market).  That means that proper authorisation should be  obtained from the relevant national authority before proceeding with the import.