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Risk Assessment
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2006-07-18 14:21 UTC (andrew.bowers@cbd.int)
Date of publication
2006-07-18 14:21 UTC (andrew.bowers@cbd.int)

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General Information
  • Nicaragua
Title of risk assessment
Final Conclusion: Risk Analysis of genetically modified yellow maize events to be used as feed for birds (PH-ØØØ678-9) [Courtesy translation]
Date of the risk assessment
Date not available
Risk assessment details
Living modified organism
PH-ØØØ678-9 - Male-sterile, herbicide-tolerant maize
Changes in physiology and/or production - Reproduction - Male sterility Resistance to herbicides - Glufosinate
Methodology and points to consider
LMO detection and identification methods proposed
Por hibridación específica diseñando una sonda que se hibride a secuencias del gen dam, la sonda se puede diseñar tomando como patrón la secuencia publicada por Brooks et al., 1983. Nucleic Acids Research. Volume 11 Number 3, 837-851.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Please see attached document below.

See page 15 of the document attached below for the details of this risk assessment.