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Law, Regulation or Guideline
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2005-04-05 14:41 UTC (andrew.bowers@cbd.int)
Date of last update
2019-03-06 12:17 UTC (nonakhelaia@yahoo.com)
Date of publication
2019-03-06 12:17 UTC (nonakhelaia@yahoo.com)

General Information
  • Georgia
  • Georgia
Title of document
Information on Legislation of Georgia in  the area of genetically modified organisms
Legislative details
Type of document
  • Regulatory summary / national biosafety framework
Subject areas
  • Competent National Authorities and National Focal Points
  • Contained use
  • Handling, transport, packaging and identification
  • Illegal transboundary movements
  • Information Sharing
  • Intentional introduction into the environment (AIA)
  • LMOs for processing
  • Public awareness and participation
  • Transboundary movement (import/export)
  • Transit
Brief description of the document including objective and scope:
Scope : Information on Legislation of Georgia in the area of living genetically modified organisms

Objective of the document is to inform about cases of transboundary movements of LMOs, Information of Legislative regulations on use of LMOs in Georgia
Date of entry into force
Document details
Information about document text
https://matsne.gov.ge/document/view/2516880?publication=2 - official web site to obtain the law.
Unofficial documents
LMO information _ Georgia.docx (21 KB)
Information on Legislation of Georgia in the area of genetically modified organisms
https://matsne.gov.ge/ka/document/view/3219284?publication=0 - official web site with the amendments in the law.
Regulatory contact information
Contact person
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia
Marshal Gelovani str. 6
Tbilisi, Tbilisi
Georgia, 0159
Additional Information
Additional Information
Procedures for the ratification of Cartagena Protocol is currently supervised by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia, which consequently, after ratification will be designated as a Competent National Authority.