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Law, Regulation or Guideline
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2005-08-04 20:05 UTC (geoff.ridley@epa.govt.nz)
Date of last update
2017-02-13 22:23 UTC (tim.strabala@epa.govt.nz)
Date of publication
2017-02-13 22:23 UTC (tim.strabala@epa.govt.nz)

General Information
  • New Zealand
Title of document
Import and Exports (living modified organisms) Prohibition Regulations 2005
Legislative details
Type of document
  • National Regulation
Subject areas
  • Contained use
  • Handling, transport, packaging and identification
  • Intentional introduction into the environment (AIA)
  • LMOs for direct use as feed
  • LMOs for direct use as food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Transboundary movement (import/export)
Types of LMOs addressed
  • All types of organisms
Regulatory contact information
Contact person
Environmental Protection Authority
215 Lambton Quay
Private Bag 63002
New Zealand
Phone:+64 (0)4 474 5591
Fax:+64 (0)4 914 0433
Url:New Organisms, Environmental Protection Authority