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National Reports


  No. of
  Africa   Asia -
  CEE   GRULAC   WEOG   No. of
Interim National Report   2005   121   9   7   12   9   18   55
First National Report   2007   141   25   20   16   12   18   91
Second National Report   2011   161   49   39   21   25   19   153
Third National Report   2015   171   44   36   17   29   20   150


Please select a country from the menu below to access its National Report(s).

Type of reportLanguageAvailable document formats
Interim National ReportReport not available
First National ReportReport not available
Second National ReportEnglish
Third National ReportEnglish


» Template for the Third National Report:
Ar | En | Es | Fr | Ru | Zh

» Online submission by BCH-NFPs and NAUs

» Relevant notifications:
Jan 2015 | May 2015 | Dec 2015

National Report Analyzer

This tool allows you to select sections/questions of interest, cross-compare results by region/country, visualize counts/averages, etc.

Analyze results of the 2nd & 3rd national report by selecting:

  • one or more countries or geographical areas (by default all countries are selected and grouped by CBD regions), *and/or*
  • questions and/or sections of the report (by default all sections and questions are selected)

Note: For Interim and First National Reports please follow the links below:

Note: Questions 1-11 of the Second National Reports refer to contact details of the national reporting officer, organizations and/or stakeholders consulted in the preparation of the report, date of submission and time period covered by the report. The responses provided in this section are not included in the report produced through this analyzer.