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Welcome to the Online Forum on Risk Assessment and Risk Management

The Open-ended On-line Forum is now open for discussions.

The AHTEG discussions can be found here (follow this link).


In preparation for the discussions in the Open-ended On-line Forum, as per Notification SCBD/BS/GF/da/81009 we would like to invite:
  1. National Experts that are not currently registered as participants to please fill in the Biosafety Expert Nomination form and forward it to your National Focal point for them to submit your nomination to the Secretariat.

  2. National Experts that are currently registered as participants on the Open-ended On-line Forum to update and revise their profiles and contact information. Please consult the List of Participants page and follow the appropriate links to edit your profile. If you have been nominated, but your name does not appear in the List of Participants, please send an email to the Secretariat at riskassessment.forum@cbd.int.

  3. National Biosafety Focal Points to ensure that experts that are currently registered as participants update their profiles and further nominate experts from your country, who are actively involved in scientific disciplines relevant to risk assessment and/or risk management, to participate in the Open-Ended Online Forum. To nominate new National Experts, use the Biosafety Expert Nomination form.

  4. Observers are continually requested to submit new nominations and can do so by completing the Observer Nomination form.

In case of problems with your internet connection, the nomination of experts may be done by filling out the offline common format and submitting it to the Secretariat by email at riskassessment.forum@cbd.int.

For More Information

To learn more about the work of Open-Ended Online Forum and AHTEG please visit the About this Forum page.

Update on 2013-06-17
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