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Online Conference on GMO for Management of Animal Populations

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GMOs and Article 8 (h) in the Convention on Biological Diversity [#171]
Incidentally, what I usually see in discussions on GMOs are either positive sides including increased production efficiency or their outright rejection. I have not seen though much discussion of GMOs in the context of biodiversity conservation nor the potential of some as invasive species. I am interested in arguements on how GMOs relate to Article 8(h) of the Convention on Biological Diversity.
posted on 2004-10-19 12:44 UTC by George Phiri, SADC Biodiversity Support Programme
Re: GMOs and Article 8 (h) in the Convention on Biological Diversity [#376]
The arguments as to the positive aspects of GMOs can only come from the
proponents of Biotechnology.  There is no doubt the fact that most
proponents of biotechnology sees "GMO as the only answer to the problems
associated with food security".  In the course of propagating the
importance of GMOs, I believe the proponents either deliberately refuse
or forget to tell us about the potential risks or dangers associated
with GMOs.  The ordinary philosophy of "everything has advantage{s} or
disadvantage{s}" does not seem to apply when the proponents of
biotechnology are projecting GMOs.

I suggest that emphasis should be placed on identifying the potential
dangers of GMOs because such an approach will enable scientists to profer
panacea to any problem associated with GMOs and thus make them safer for
human developmental processes.

M. John Ugolo, Esq.
Legal Drafting Department
Federal Ministry of Justice
Federal Secretariat (10th Floor)
Abuja. Nigeria.
(edited on 2004-10-21 14:18 UTC by Ryan Hill)
posted on 2004-10-21 13:31 UTC by JOHN UGOLO, FEDERAL MINISTRY OF JUSTICE
Re: GMOs and Article 8 (h) in the Convention on Biological Diversity [#400]
I agree that the proponents of GMOs are the ones
that are pushing hard for it.
However it is not the answer to poverty eradication.
I fact it has caused contaminations in many countries.
One of them ours,the Philippines and well documented.
Also there are many other species that have been affected.
Human and animal health is already proven to be affected.
Now the entire agricultural industry(food) water and biodiversity will also
be endangered.
this must be stopped until proven safe beyond reasonable doubt we should
have a moratorium on GMO releases.
ASAP.It is a new science the proponents need to prove it is safe and not the
rest of the world.

Antonio M. Claparols
(edited on 2004-10-22 08:16 UTC by Elena Angulo)
posted on 2004-10-22 07:02 UTC by Antonio M. Claparols, Ecological Society of the Philippines