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Online Conference on GMO for Management of Animal Populations

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online confernece om GMOAM [#180]
There is a need to enlarge the definition of biosafety. The definition
that is being used right now tries to include only the integrity of the
GMO/ LMO in the physical environment. In so far as the human beings also
carry out other multi-faceted activities within the ecosystem, they may
come in contact with the GMOs/LMOs either directly or indirectly at
different points in time. Currently Biosafety protocol includes human
health as a dimension that seems to be peripheral to the concept of
biosafety. ( I am open to correction on this). If the integrity of the
ecosystem has to be sustained the concept of biosafety has to be more
inclusive. There is need for a debate on the issue. 

Haribabu Ejnavarzala


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(edited on 2004-11-08 06:40 UTC by Alex Owusu-Biney)
posted on 2004-11-08 05:42 UTC by Haribabu Ejnavarzala
Re: online confernece om GMOAM [#381]
Dear colleagues
I want to answer to Haribabu
There is enlargue definition of Biosafety or
Biological Safety many in the worlds in country in
Decree Law 190 this definition is
Biological Safety: A group of scientific and
organisation measures. They include human, technical
and engineering measures including physical ones
aiming at protecting the workers of the facility, the
community and the environment from the risks that pose
the work with biological agents or the release of
organisms into the environment being them genetically
modified or exotic; diminish to the minimum the
effects that can present and quickly eliminate their
possible consequences in case of contamination,
negative effects, releases or loses.
Our degintion include all activities with LMO or GMO
and all activities with biological risk (p.e. use of
biological agents in lab)
Miguel Lorenzo
Specialist in Risk Assessment
Nationa Centre for Biological Safety, Cuba

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posted on 2004-11-08 07:45 UTC by Miguel Lorenzo Hernandez, National Centre for Biological Safety