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Information for Participants

Nominations of experts, who are actively involved in risk assessment and risk management, to participate in the Open-ended Online Forum on Risk Assessment and Risk Management are accepted on an ongoing basis. To nominate a participant to the Open-ended On-line Forum:

  1. National Biosafety Focal Points may nominate new experts, from your country, by completing the Biosafety Expert Nomination form. Please note that access to the nomination form is restricted to National Focal Points.

  2. Relevant organizations and Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities may nominate experts by completing the Observer Nomination form. Please note that you must have a BCH user account to access to the nomination form.

In case of problems with your internet connection, the nomination of experts may be done by filling out the offline common format and submitting it to the Secretariat by email at secretariat@cbd.int.

Please note that experts who already nominated to the Online Forum are automatically registered for the upcoming discussions and must not be re-nominated. To update and revise existing profiles and contact information, please consult the List of Participants page and follow the appropriate links to edit your profile.

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