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PhilippinesPhilippines - Philippines turn over responsibilities to Mongolia to coordinate Asia BCH Roadmap implementation 2018-2019
The years 2016 to 2017 has been exceptional years for the Asia BCH Family as it started and continued its pursuit to strengthen its capability and undertook initiatives to pursue its goal to become "One Family" and become self sustaining. The Asia BCH roadmap, developed and approved by some Asian countries during the BCH Workshop held in Nanjing China in  2015  indeed served as catalysts in bringing together, weaving inter-personal relationships thus making it easier for the Asian countries to give their utmost cooperation in pursuit of the ABF's objectives.  It aims to build capacity towards effective implementation of the BCH through the National Focal Points and forge cooperation among Asian countries to effectively implement the Protocol.  The Philippines is grateful and thankful for the cooperation and painstaking efforts of each and every one in fulfill their respective obligations as embodied in the Asia BCH Roadmap.

Mongolia, as decided in November 2017, during the 5th BCH Workshop in  Daejon, South Korea, shall be the next to coordinate with the the Asia BCH Family the implementation of the Asia BCH Roadmap this year until 2019. It took over the coordinatorship from the Philippines (2016-2017) during the turn-over held in Ulanbataar in July 2018. Ms. Sandagdorj Bayarkhuu is the lead person for 2018-2019.

The activities of the ABF is being spearheaded by the Korea Biosafety Clearing House under the leadership of Dr. Ho Min Jang with the assistance of Cambodia, Malaysia, China, Philippines , Ms Ileana Lopez and the two BCH Regional Advisor.

Looking forward to an energized and strengthened ABF and continued cooperation/collaboration by 2020 and beyond.