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EgyptEgypt - Preparation of action plan for information communication mechanisms to spread public awareness, education and public participation (CEPA) in the implementation of the biosafety program for GMOs products in Egypt
The CEPA Action plan aims to:
• Participation of civil society (including representatives of consumer protection) in the work of the National Committee as needed - to regulate biosafety in the handling of GM products.
• Supporting and sensitizing civil society to participate by giving them the right to report any violations and to follow the movement of related products in the open environment.
• Support the National Biosafety Committee in initiatives to hold hearings in cases it deems necessary before making a decision.

The CEPA Action Plan for Information Communication Mechanisms is the starting point for public participation in biosafety activities in Egypt. The plan consists of six main themes as follows:

1. Introduction to all topics related to biosafety and genetic engineering
2. The importance of information communication - education and public awareness in issues of genetically engineered products
3. Key elements of a CEPA program on biosafety
4. Methodological foundations of the CEPA program
5. Program elements in the biosafety project in Egypt
6. Program schedule and planned activities.