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Gene and DNA Sequence
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2012-08-22 16:32 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)
Date of last update
2012-08-22 18:01 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)
Date of publication
2012-08-22 18:01 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)

General information
Name of the gene or DNA sequence
OpIE2 Promoter
Category of DNA sequence
  • Promoter
Is the gene / DNA sequence is a synthetic molecule?
Donor organism
Donor organism
Orgyia pseudotsugata multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus - OpMNPV
Additional Information
Additional Information
Baculovirus immediate-early promoters utilize the host cell transcription machinery and do not require viral factors for activation. The OpIE2 promoter is from the baculovirus Orgyia pseudotsugata multicapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus (OpMNPV). The virus' natural host is the Douglas fir tussock moth; however, the promoter allows protein expression in Lymantria dispar,Spodoptera frugiperda cells, Sf21, Trichoplusia ni, Drosophila, and mosquito cell lines.

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