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Modified Organism
ARS-PLMC5-6 - Plum Tree modified for resistance to Plum pox virus
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2012-10-16 12:57 UTC (hana_jirakova@env.cz)
Date of last update
2014-01-16 19:59 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)
Date of publication
2014-01-16 19:59 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)

Living Modified Organism identity
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LMO name
Plum Tree modified for resistance to Plum pox virus
Transformation event
Unique identifier
Dr. Ralf Scorza
Research Horticulturist and Lead Scientist
Agricultural Research Service
United States Department of Agriculture
2217 WILTSHIRE ROAD Kearneysville, WV 25430
Kearneysville, West Virginia
United States of America, 25430
Phone:304 725 3451 322
Plum tree Stanley clone C5 was modified to contain the coat protein gene of Plum pox virus. The insertion of the construct changes the properties of the recipient's organism so that plum obtains Plum pox virus coat protein gene into its genetic information. This gene encodes the synthesis of a pox virus coat protein which in turn confers resistance against the PPV virus.
Recipient Organism or Parental Organisms
The term Recipient organism refers to an organism (either already modified or non-modified) that was subjected to genetic modification, whereas Parental organisms refers to those that were involved in cross breeding or cell fusion.
Prunus domestica - Plum tree, Plum
Point of collection or acquisition of the recipient organism
Cultivar: Stanley; Clone: C5
Characteristics of the transformation process
Techniques used for the modification
  • Agrobacterium-mediated DNA transfer
Genetic elements construct
Nopaline Synthase Gene Promoter
0.25 Kb
Neomycin Phosphotransferase II
0.79 Kb
Nopaline Synthase Gene Terminator
1.20 Kb
Nopaline Synthase Gene Terminator
0.25 Kb
PPV coat protein
1.25 Kb
CaMV 35S promoter
0.45 Kb
CaMV 35S promoter
0.85 Kb
Beta-glucuronidase coding sequence
1.81 Kb
Nopaline Synthase Gene Terminator
0.25 Kb
Further details
Notes regarding the genetic elements introduced or modified in this LMO
Clone C5 appeared to have at least two inserts with one being a possible rearrangement of the PPV-CP gene. This plant had significantly lower amounts  of RNA transcript and no detectable protein.
LMO characteristics
Modified traits
Common use(s)
  • Food
  • Research
Detection method(s)

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