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Biosafety Law, Regulation, Guidelines and Agreements (LAW)

published: 26 Jul 2021 last updated: 06 Aug 2021
General information
Guidelines for Contained Field Trials of Genetically Modified Plants
Legislative details
National / Federal
Given the definition of field trials in Iran's biosafety law, and the need to prevent unwanted release and distribution, this guideline is for real and legal entities that want to conduct field experiments, so as with strict observance not to cause unwanted release or dispersal.
28 Dec 2020
Document details
Regulatory contact information
  • - Competent National Authority: BCH-CNA-IR-100963-8 | BCH-CNA-IR-100963-8
    Competent National Authority
    Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad - Dr. Mojtaba Khayam Nekouei ()
    Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Garden of Agriculture, Yemen Ave., Chamran Highway
    Tehran, Tehran
    1985713133, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
    Phone: +98 21 22400080,
    Fax: +98 21 22400568,
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