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Risk Assessment generated by a regulatory process (RA)

last updated: 30 Aug 2021
General information
Risk assessment for general release of maize stack event Bt11 x MR162 x GA21
  • - Competent National Authority: BCH-CNA-ZA-115730-1 | BCH-CNA-ZA-115730-1
    Competent National Authority
    Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development ()
    Hamilton, Harvest House building
    Pretoria, 0001
    P/Bag X973, South Africa
    Phone: +27 12 319 6382,
    Fax: +27 12 319 6298,
Risk assessment details
  • SYN-BTØ11-1 x SYN-IR162-4 x MON-ØØØ21-9 - Agrisure® Viptera™ 3110 Maize
    | Mannose tolerance Resistance to diseases and pests - Insects - Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) Resistance to herbicides - Glufosinate, Glyphosate Selectable marker genes and reporter genes
Additional Information
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