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Competent National Authority (CNA)

published: 28 Oct 2002 last updated: 05 Oct 2020
General Information
National Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development
Hamilton St, Harvest House Building
P/Bag X973,
South Africa
  • +27 12 3196382
  • +27 12 3196298
Additional Contact Information
- Person: Ms Nompumelelo Mkhonza | BCH-CON-ZA-102919-5
Ms Nompumelelo Mkhonza
Registrar: Genetically modified Organisms, Directorate: Genetic Resources
Hamilton St, Harvest House Building,
Pretoria, 0001
P/Bag X973, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 3196382,
Fax: +27 12 3196298,
Related Organization
National Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries ()
The National Department of Agriculture as a National Competent Authority is responsible for the administration of the Genetically Modified Organisms Act, 1997 (No. 15 of 1997).
Additional Information
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Record type Field Record(s)
Country's Decision or any other Communication Competent National Authority(ies) responsible for the decision or communication 105
Risk Assessment generated by a regulatory process Competent National Authority(ies) responsible for the risk assessment 103
Biosafety Law, Regulation, Guidelines and Agreements Competent National Authority (CNA) responsible for performing the administrative functions required by the Cartagena Protocol and/or competent authority (SPCA) under the Nagoya – Kuala Lumpur Supplementary Protocol on Liability and Redress. 2