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Modified Organism
IFD-524Ø1-4 - Colour-modified rose
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2008-02-05 16:36 UTC (manoela.miranda@cbd.int)
Date of last update
2012-09-06 15:21 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)
Date of publication
2012-09-06 15:21 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)

Living Modified Organism identity
The image below identifies the LMO through its unique identifier, trade name and a link to this page of the BCH. Click on it to download a larger image on your computer. For help on how to use it go to the LMO quick-links page.

LMO name
Colour-modified rose
Transformation event
Transformation event unknown
Unique identifier
Dr Yoshikazu Tanaka
Chief Operating Officer
Institute for Plant Science
Suntory Holdings Ltd.
1-1-1 Wakayamadai, Shimamoto-cho
Mishima-gun, Osaka
Japan, 618-8503
Phone:+81 75 962 8807
Fax:+81 75 962 3791
This rose line contains an introduced gene encoding flavonoid 3', 5'-hydroxylase (F3'5'H) enzyme from Viola x wittrockiana involved in the synthesis of delphinidin and a gene encoding anthocyanin 5-acyltransferase from torenia (Torenia hybrida), which modifies the delphinidin produced.
Recipient Organism or Parental Organisms
The term Recipient organism refers to an organism (either already modified or non-modified) that was subjected to genetic modification, whereas Parental organisms refers to those that were involved in cross breeding or cell fusion.
Rosa hybrida - Rose, ROSHC
Point of collection or acquisition of the recipient organism
Rose cultivar: WKS82
Characteristics of the transformation process
Techniques used for the modification
  • Agrobacterium-mediated DNA transfer
Genetic elements construct
Ti plasmid right border repeat
0.00 Kb
Nopaline Synthase Gene Promoter
0.30 Kb
Neomycin Phosphotransferase II
1.00 Kb
Nopaline Synthase Gene Terminator
0.30 Kb
CaMV Enhanced 35S promoter
0.80 Kb
Flavonoid 3’, 5’-hydroxylase gene
1.80 Kb
Nopaline Synthase Gene Terminator
0.30 Kb
CaMV Enhanced 35S promoter
0.80 Kb
Anthocyanin 5-acyltransferase gene
1.80 Kb
Nopaline Synthase Gene Terminator
0.30 Kb
Ti plasmid left border repeat
0.00 Kb
Further details
LMO characteristics
Modified traits
Common use(s)
  • Ornamental

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