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Organism (ORGA)

published: 29 Apr 2008 last updated: 29 Jun 2020
Organism information
Canarypox virus
Kingdom Bamfordvirae
Phylum Nucleocytoviricota
Class Pokkesviricetes
Order Chitovirales
Family Poxviridae
Genus Avipoxvirus
Species Canarypox virus
  • CNPV
Additional classification
Group I (dsDNA)
Characteristics related to biosafety
Additional Information
Canarypox virus (CNPV) is an avipoxvirus and etiologic agent of canarypox, a disease of birds both in the wild and in commercial aviaries, where significant losses result.

CNPV has been successfully used as a host range-restricted mammalian expression vector and is a vaccine vector of increasing importance, with CNPV-based veterinary vaccines commercially available and human vaccines undergoing clinical trials. Licensed and experimental CNPV-based vaccines, most of which utilize the highly attenuated ALVAC strain of CNPV, encode a range of pathogen and tumor-associated antigens, including those from rabies virus, canine distemper virus, feline leukemia virus, human immunodeficiency virus, human cytomegalovirus, hepatitis B and C viruses, Plasmodium falciparum, melanoma, and colorectal cancer.
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