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2009-01-12 14:42 UTC (andrew.bowers@cbd.int)
Date of last update
2009-05-15 17:44 UTC (intern.frederic.perron-welch@cbd.int)
Date of publication
2009-05-15 17:44 UTC (intern.frederic.perron-welch@cbd.int)

General Information
Poverty, Health, & Environment: Placing Environmental Health on Countries' Development Agendas (Joint Agency Paper)
Poverty-Environment Partnership
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Summary, abstract or table of contents
The Table of Contents is as follows:

1. Why is environmental health important in poverty reduction?
Audience and Objectives
Why Environmental Health Matters
Environmental Health and Malnutrition Linkages
Environmental Health and Poverty
Cities and Urban Slums
Environmental Health and Economic Growth
Climate Change and Impacts on the Poor
Targeting Poverty Reduction

2. Taking Stock of Environmental Health in Poverty Reduction Goals, Targets, and Strategies
What do we find in Millennium Development Goal Reports (MDGRs)?
What do we find in Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers?
Challenges Associated with Placing Environmental Health Issues on the Development Agenda

3. Opportunities for Incorporating Environmental Health in Development Planning and Poverty Reduction Strategies
1. Analyzing the Linkages Between Environmental Health and Poverty
2. Prioritizing Environmental Health Issues
3. Assessing and Strengthening Institutional Capacity and Governance on Environmental Health Issues
4. Choosing Appropriate Environmental Health Interventions
5. Monitoring Process and Outcome Indicators
4. Building Longer-Term Constituencies to Support Poverty-Environment-Health Issues
Awareness-raising and Communication Strategies
Participation and Stakeholder Involvement
Access to Justice

5. Moving Toward Action
How Donors and NGOs can Support Government Efforts

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  • Report / Review / Fact sheet / Notes
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Poverty-Environment Partnership
68-page Report