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Date of creation
2004-08-11 03:27 UTC (ADMINISTRATORS)
Date of last update
2014-07-25 07:50 UTC (didier.breyer@wiv-isp.be)
Date of publication
2014-07-25 07:50 UTC (didier.breyer@wiv-isp.be)

General Information
  • Belgium
Organization / Website or database name
Belgian Biosafety Server
The Belgian Biosafety Server is developed and managed by the Biosafety and Biotechnology Unit (SBB) of the Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP). The SBB provides scientific advice in the field of biosafety (biological safety), i.e. in relation with the assessment of risks for human and animal health and the environment associated with activities carried out using pathogenic organisms and/or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and derived products at the R&D or commercial level.
The Belgian Biosafety Server aims at providing practical and factual information on scientific and regulatory aspects related to biosafety. Its primary objective is to serve as a technical resource for people involved in abovementioned activities, by assisting them to comply with the relevant regulatory requirements, to carefully assess potential biological risks associated with such activities and to apply appropriate risk management measures. More generally, this website provides detailed scientific information on various biosafety topics for all people having interest in the field.
Visitors may find information through different axes of interest:
- Notification procedures and practical tools for the risk assessment of activities carried out using pathogenic organisms and/or GMOs in Belgium
- Regulatory information on the biosafety legislative framework in Europe and in Belgium
- Specific thematics related to biosafety
- Historical overview of the emergence of the concept of biosafety and its implementation in Europe and in Belgium