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Country's Decision or any other Communication
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2003-09-15 09:32 UTC (fzelas@minagri.gob.ar)
Date of last update
2021-04-06 15:22 UTC (mdcangiano@magyp.gob.ar)
Date of publication
2021-04-07 14:14 UTC (dlewi@magyp.gob.ar)

General information
Country submitting the decision or communication
  • Argentina
Competent National Authority(ies) responsible for the decision or communication
Secretaría de Alimentos, Bioeconomía y Desarrollo Regional
Paseo Colón 922
2do piso Of. 247

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Argentina, C1063ACW
Url:Dirección Nacional de Bioeconomía
Title / Reference number of the decision or communication
Date of the decision
Decision or communication details
Subject(s) of the decision
Importer’s or Applicant’s contact details
Monsanto Argentina S.A.I.C
Result of the decision
  • Approval of the import and/or use of the LMO(s) without conditions
LMO identification
MON-ØØ531-6 - Bollgard™ cotton
Resistance to antibiotics - Kanamycin, Streptomycin Resistance to diseases and pests - Insects - Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths)
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