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Biosafety Law, Regulation, Guidelines and Agreements (LAW)

published: 29 May 2005 last updated: 02 Dec 2020
General Information
Biosafety Act 2007 (Act 678)
Legislative details
National / Federal
An Act to establish the National Biosafety Board; to regulate the release, importation, exportation and contained use of living modified organisms, and the release of products of such organisms, with the objectives of protecting human, plant and animal health, the environment and biological diversity, and where there are threats of irreversible damage, lack of full scientific evidence may not be used as a reason not to take action to prevent such damage; and to provide for matters connected therewith.
01 Dec 2009
Regulatory contact information
Additional Information
Malaysia has passed a law on biosafety known as the Malaysian Biosafety Act 2007 (Act 678). The soft copy of the Act is available on this Biosafety Clearing House web-page or Department of Biosafety website.

The Malaysian Biosafety Act was enforced on 1 December 2009. There is an ongoing transition period of the Act before a full implementation. All queries regarding biosafety in Malaysia can be directed to

Decisions on transboundary movement of a LMO/LMO-FFP into Malaysia will be made by the National Biosafety Board with advice from the Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC), Malaysia. 
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