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published: 06 Feb 2012 last updated: 22 Jun 2021
General information
Cold shock protein gene
  • cspB
Protein coding sequence
Donor organism
Characteristics of the protein coding sequence
Cold shock protein B (CSPB)
CspB is a type of stress-inducible protein that might be able to protect B. subtilis cells from damage caused by ice crystal formation during freezing.
Additional Information
The gene of the Bacillus subtilis cold shock protein (CspB) encodes an acidic 67-amino-acid protein (pI 4.31) with a predicted molecular mass of 7,365 Da. Northern RNA blot and primer extension studies indicated the presence of one cspB transcript that was initiated 119 bp upstream of the initiation codon and was found to be induced severalfold when exponentially growing B. subtilis cell cultures were transferred from 37 degrees C to 10 degrees C. Consistent with this cold shock induction of cspB mRNA, a six- to eightfold induction of a cspB-directed beta-galactosidase synthesis was observed upon downshift in temperature.
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