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last updated: 17 Jun 2022
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Vote on the new biosafety law
After the ratification of the Cartagena Protocol by Senegal in 2003, the country incorporated the stipulations of this treaty into the domestic legal corpus through Law 2009-27 of 8 July,2009.
However, the resulting legal framework has proved prohibitive and, in several respects, incompatible with the objectives of the Cartagena Protocol. 
The process of revising the 2009-27 law has been initiated since 2015 with a participatory and inclusive approach involving honourable Deputies, members of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council and the High Council of Local Authorities, media professionals, producers, representatives of civil society, public sector agents, etc.
Friday 03 June, 2022, the National Assembly of Senegal unanimously adopted the new law on biosafety.
This adoption makes it possible to:
- correct the incompatibility of the 2009-27 law of 8 July 2009 with the objectives of the Cartagena Protocol and the Convention on Biological Diversity; 
- integrate the regime of liability and compensation for damage related to GMOs, established by the Nagoya Kuala Lumpur Additional Protocol;  
- take into account Regulation C/REG.4/09/20 on biosafety in the ECOWAS area.
Thus, the law brings innovations that allow Senegal to use modern biotechnologies with :
- the introduction of new guiding principles;
- the systematization of the risk assessment and management procedure ;
- strengthening public information and awareness  mechanisms;
- the establishment of differentiated safety procedures according to the type of GMO and the activity envisaged.
From now on, Senegal will be able to operationalize its biosafety framework and open up to modern biotechnologies.
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