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Country's Decision or any other Communication (DEC)

last updated: 21 Jun 2022
General Information
JBK(S) 602-1/1/16
19 Dec 2014
Subject of the decision, notification, communication or declaration
  • Decision on LMOs for direct use as food or feed, or for processing (Article 11, LMOs-FFP)
  • Decision on import of LMOs (Article 11.4)
  • Decision on domestic use of an LMO, including its placing on the market (Article 11.1)
LMOs for direct use as food or feed, or for processing (LMOs-FFP)
  • LMOs for direct use as food
  • LMOs for direct use as feed
  • LMOs for processing
Result of the decision
Approval of the import and/or use of the LMO(s) with conditions
1) There shall be clear documentation describing the product by the exporter which shall be declared to the Royal Malaysian Customs.
2) There shall be clear labeling of the product from importation down to all levels of marketing to state that it is only for the purpose of food, feed and processing and is not to be used as planting material.
3) Should the approved person receive any credible and/or scientifically proven information that indicates any adverse effect of soybean FG72, the National Biosafety Board authority shall be informed immediately.  Feeding studies on livestock are recommended and data from these studies should be provided to the National Biosafety Board.
4) Any spillage (during loading/unloading) shall be collected and cleaned up immediately.
5) Transportation of the consignment from the port of entry to any destination within the country must be in a secured and closed condition.
6) Importers are required to provide certificate of analysis for isoxaflutole and glyphosate residues to show that FG72 soybean in the consignments are below the maximum residual level established prior to shipment.
The conditions were imposed so that the product will not be intentionally introduced into the environment (planting).
LMO identification & risk assessment
  • BCH-LMO-SCBD-104794-2 Living Modified Organism MST-FGØ72-2 - Soy modified for tolerance to glyphosate and HPPD inhibitors
    Bayer CropScience LP | HPPD Herbicides, Resistance to herbicides (Glyphosate)
  • BCH-RA-MY-106213-3 Risk Assessment generated by a regulatory process Risk Assessment Report of the Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC) for an Application for Approval for Release of Product FG72 Glyphosate and Isoxaflutole Tolerant Soybean for Supply or Offer to Supply
    MST-FGØ72-2 - Soy modified for tolerance to glyphosate and HPPD inhibitors | Soybean, Soya bean, Soya, SOYBN, Resistance to herbicides
Document on the decision, communication, notification or declaration
Additional Information