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Biosafety Law, Regulation, Guidelines and Agreements (LAW)

last updated: 15 Jun 2022
General information
Act implementing the Regulations of the European Community or of the European Union in the field of genetic engineering and on labelling of food manufactured without using genetic engineering procedures (EC Genetic Engineering Implementation Act)
Legislative details
National / Federal
Objective of this German Act [EGGenTDurchfG] is to govern the competence of different federal institutions implementing EU Regulations in the field of gene technology.

Likewise it sets the rules for the labelling of food produced without the application of methods of genetic engineering.

Scopes of this German Act [EGGenTDurchfG] are
• Regulations (EU) No. 1829/2003, 1830/2003 and 1946/2003
• federal institutions in Germany
• institutions of the Federal Länder in Germany
• customs services
• penalties for infringements of the named EU-Regulations
26 Jun 2004
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