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Living Modified Organism (LMO)
Decisions on the LMO Risk Assessments  
last updated: 26 Sep 2013
Living Modified Organism identity
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32138 SPT Maintainer
Hybrid maize seed production requires crossing two inbred parent lines to produce hybrid seed sold to growers. The female inbred parent must be prevented from shedding pollen to avoid self- pollination that reduces hybrid seed quality and compromises hybrid yield potential.

The 32138 SPT maintainer is used as a pollinator to propagate the seed of male-sterile female inbred parent lines.

The female inbred parent seed produced using this technology does not contain the 32138 SPT insertion and consequently, hybrid seed produced using these male-sterile female inbred parents does not contain the 32138 SPT insertion and hence are non-transgenic for SPT.
The term “Recipient organism” refers to an organism (either already modified or non-modified) that was subjected to genetic modification, whereas “Parental organisms” refers to those that were involved in cross breeding or cell fusion.
Characteristics of the modification process
  • Agrobacterium-mediated DNA transfer
Some of these genetic elements may be present as fragments or truncated forms. Please see notes below, where applicable.
LMO characteristics
Detection method(s)
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