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Moderators’ summary of the online discussions on biosafety non-state actors’ engagement in the Action Agenda

 02 Feb 2022 20:38

The moderators’ summary of the online discussions on biosafety and the Action Agenda is now available at https://bch.cbd.int/onlineconferences/portal_art23/actionagendaforum/

The online discussions were held from 27 September 2021 – 24 October 2021 with 130 inputs and 604 participants. The discussions promoted and inspired actions for non-state actors towards issues related to biosafety and the protection of biodiversity for the Action Agenda for Nature and People. The outcomes of the discussions contributed to the implementation of the draft Implementation Plan for the Cartagena Protocol for the coming 10 years. As part of the launch of the online discussions, a webinar was also held 27 September 2021. To make commitments on biosafety as non-state actors, please visit the Action Agenda at https://www.cbd.int/portals/action-agenda/.