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TESTING new BCH platform: HELP VIDEOS and other Help Materials

  29 Apr 2020

This page contains links to YouTube videos and other help materials that were prepared by the Secretariat and used during the TESTING PHASE of the new BCH platform when it was still in the development stage. Their aim was to assist BCH users in testing the test site of the new BCH platform and familiarizing themselves with the various features of the new future website.


All the videos below were also posted on the "BCH on BCH Forum”:


Video Subject  Video link   Description
Part 1 Inline Records Creation (Reference Records)   https://youtu.be/2iq8RDrQrtI   Part 1 explains and illustrates how to create a reference record INLINE. In this video, we create a new "Genetic element" and a "Donor organism" within that record (inline), and submit both records for publishing to the Secretariat.
Part  2 Inline Records Creation (Reference Records). Brief overview of Search Interface.   https://youtu.be/R3rgO6NDcvM   Part 2 illustrates how to find out about and check the status of records, created in Part 1, after they have been published by the Secretariat.  At the beginning, it gives a brief overview of the new SEARCH interface and then demonstrates how to find the published record using a combination of filters.
LMO records comparison - old and new BCH     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH0BYicRdkQ&t=6s  This video shows the main differences between the creation of LMO records in the new BCH  as compared to the old/current BCH.
New BCH: how to build genetic elements construct  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wMTYM8SMJ0&t=5s  This video explains how to build a GENETIC ELEMENTS CONSTRUCT in the new BCH.
Help tools/resources in new BCH  https://youtu.be/ugQKhWfNuhk  This short video illustrates help materials that are currently available and integrated in the test site of the new BCH platform.
Country Filters  https://youtu.be/XUlbb-e7lr4  This short video shows how to search by Country - new features of the Country filters.
How to Search by Record ID Number  https://youtu.be/W5GTETgJFiA  This short video explains how to search by Record ID number in the new BCH and explains the meaning of its components.
MAP and Country Profiles  https://youtu.be/ijPvVC0mAhU  This video gives an overview of the Home page, namely the MAP section, and the Country Profiles page in the new BCH.
MAP and Country Profiles - What has been done  https://youtu.be/DnK_aLokBnw  This video demonstrates the changes that have been implemented based on users' feedback and recommendations, and summarizes the changes that will be implemented later on as the work on the migration progresses.
Biosafety Organization and Laboratory for detection and identification of LMOs (ORGs and LABs)  https://youtu.be/w2srVtdfL8k  This video explains the main changes that were made in the new BCH to the Biosafety Organizations and Laboratories for detection and identification of LMOs format.
Demystifying ORGs and LABS  https://youtu.be/7K6PcQKouQ4  This video clarifies some issues with respect to the creation of a new LAB in the new BCH platform (as a result of the testing by BCH users).
Biosafety Expert   https://youtu.be/6QJs4hXsXxo  This video briefly explains the test assignment and outlines some new features of the Biosafety Expert online format.
Grouping and Sorting display search results features  https://youtu.be/GcqfUSgcZdk  The video explains the test assignment for testing the Grouping and Sorting display functions/features (in the Search interface) that allow users to organize and display search results according to individual preferences.  
“Matrix” view  https://youtu.be/_ntdKk0R0ps  This video explains some key features of using the “Matrix” display of records in the new BCH platform.
BCP online format  https://youtu.be/LRNFq06QPIg  This short video explains the purpose of the "Country Profiles for Biosafety Clearing-House (BCP)" online format.
Biosafety LAWs online format  https://youtu.be/n99Zr62U9kk  This video explains the online format used in the new BCH for registering laws, regulations, guidelines for the implementation of the Protocol, as well as bilateral, regional and multilateral agreements and arrangements. 
VLR online format  https://youtu.be/R_O4I1ks85E  This informal video describes the new Biosafety Virtual Library Resource (VLR) online format (former BIRC) and explains the test assignment.
Decisions (DEC) online format  https://youtu.be/4fyfR7OPH-I  This informal video briefly describes the assignment for testing the “Countries’ Decisions or any other Communications (DEC)” online format in the new BCH platform.


Other Help Materials that were also posted on the "BCH on BCH Forum”:


File  Description
 How_to_SEARCH_in_new_BCH.pdf  Graphical representation of the new SEARCH interface.
 How to use Date filter.pdf  Simple test that describes how to filter by Date Range (i.e. "Custom Range"). The test is for all BCH users.


Purpose  of the test:

1) To test creation, submission of and searching for “Organisms” and “Genetic Elements” records. 

2) To familiarize with and test the general workflow of publishing records, specifically, the REJECTION and APPROVAL process. How do you know when your record is approved and how do you know when it was rejected and why. REJECTION means “request for changes”. 

The file contains 3 tests. Test #1 and Test #2 are for all BCH users. Test #3 is for NAUs, CPB and BCH Focal Points.

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