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How can I share my draft record? (video)

  23 Nov 2021

The Clearing-House allows you to share your draft records with other users. 

During the submission process, as soon as you click on the Save Draft button, two buttons appear on the top right corner of the online form: Share and PDF.

These buttons are visible when you open any draft record.

  • You can click on the PDF button to export data into a PDF file that you can download and then share.


  • You can click on the  Share button – this is the recommended option.

“Share” button:

Once you click on the Share button, a pop-up box will open, and you will be presented with two options: “Send by URL” and “Send by email”. 

Perform ONE of the following:

  • In “Send by URL”, click on the Create link button. The link will be generated and displayed in the same pop-up box. Click Copy and then paste the link into your e-mail message.

Important Note: Recipients do not have to have a registered Clearing-House account to access the link and will be able to open the link without logging into the Clearing House. 

  • Click on the “Send by email” tab. Enter the e-mail address(es) of the recipient(s) you wish to receive your draft document. TIP: Use commas to separate multiple email addresses. Click Send. The link will be automatically generated and included in the e-mail message. 

Important Note: Recipients must have a registered Clearing-House account with the email address(es) that you have entered, and must log into the Clearing-House in order to view the draft record.

Additional Information:

In both case, the shared link will be active for 10 days only and any updates made will be visible to the recipients until the link expires.

Please also watch the helpful video below, created in-house by the Secretariat.

(The video was recorded in the BCH. However, the ABS Clearing-House (ABSCH) functions exactly the same way!)

How to share draft records

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