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What are Email Alerts and “My saved searches”? (video)

  23 Nov 2021

The clearing-house allows you to subscribe to receive emails when records that match your custom search queries are published in the clearing-house. For example, you may wish to setup an email alert to be notified when competent national authority records are added or updated by a specific country or region.

This can be done through the Email Alerts tab in Submit or “My saved searches” feature in Search. Please note that when you create email alerts using one of those features, your saved custom search queries will automatically be displayed in both places.

How to save a query and create an e-mail alert:

  1. Sign-in to the clearing-house.
  2. On the Submit page, click on the “Email Alerts” tab.


   On the Search page, click on the“My saved searches”tab.

  1. Under the “My Alerts” section, click on the “Add new” button.
  2. In the pop-up window that opens:

                --Type the title for your search query.

                --Under the Search section select the filters of interest.

                --Check the box Send me an email when records relevant to this search are added or updated”.

                --Click on the Save button.

NOTE: When you are on the Search page, you can also start by first selecting the required filters, and then clicking on theSave this searchbutton. Since the filters have already been selected, you will only need to name your custom query search and save it. Any time you want to see all your saved search queries,  click on the “My saved searches” tab. Your search queries are displayed in the “My Alerts” section. You must be signed in to perform the described functions.

“My Alerts” section: What do the different icons mean?

“Search”Click on this icon to run the respective custom search query and open it on the Search page.  
“Edit”Click on this icon to edit the respective custom search query.
“Delete”Click on this icon to delete the respective custom search query.
“Email me”Select this check box to include the results of the respective custom search query in your email alert. Deselecting it means that this particular search query will be excluded in your email alert.  

Email alerts frequency

By default, email alerts are sent out weekly. However, you can change the frequency for receiving email alerts from the clearing-house. To do so: from the “Select frequency” drop-down list, select one of the following: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Never (this option allows you to stop/pause receiving the alerts that are already created without deleting them).

Overview alerts

In the Overview alerts section, you can select the “Email me” check box to add an overview section to your email alert, which will contain a summary of all new or updated records published in the clearing-house within your selected frequency. Deselecting this option will remove the summary.


You can unsubscribe from receiving email alerts by clicking on the Unsubscribe link appearing at the bottom of your alert email.

Please also watch helpful videos below, created in-house by the Secretariat.

(Videos were recorded in the BCH. However, the ABS Clearing-House (ABSCH) functions exactly the same way!)

How to subscribe to Email alerts


How to save search queries

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