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What is the BCH Training Site? (video)

  23 Nov 2021

The BCH Training Site is a mirror copy of the official BCH and has been implemented to help users familiarize themselves with the various functionalities of the BCH. It can be accessed through the Help tab on the top navigation bar. In order to access the site, registered users must sign in with their e-mail and password.

Once signed in, users may practice submitting records, for training purposes only, as (i) a general registered user, (ii) a BCH National Focal Point (BCH-NFP), (iii) Cartagena Notional Focal Point (CPB-NFP), or (iv) a National Authorized User (NAU).

By default, on the Submit page users have “Registered User” roles with access to Reference records only. To change your role, please contact us at bch@cbd.int. The Biosafety Team will assign you the requested role which will be applicable to the Training Site only. Alternatively, you may use pre-existing accounts to practice submitting information in the BCH. To view these roles and associated passwords, click here.

Please note that any records published or modified on the Training Site will NOT affect the official BCH site

Please contact us at bch@cbd.int if you have any questions about the Training Site.  

Please also watch the VIDEO below, created in-house by the Secretariat, about the Training Site:

Training Site


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