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About Country Profile for Biosafety Clearing-House (BCP)

 23 Nov 2021 02:44

Use this common format to provide additional information to appear on your Country Profile page. The information published through this common format will be displayed in the “Additional information for the country profile” section.

Please note that only one country profile record per country can be created. Accordingly, if a country profile record already exists for your country, please edit that record to include any further information.

Please fill in the “Submission form” and complete the fields according to the instructions. 

Certain fields are mandatory and indicated with an asterisk (*). The “Review” of the form will highlight the mandatory fields that need to be filled before it is possible to publish the record. The record can be saved as a draft. Frequently saving of records is recommended, especially, in case of intermittent internet connections.

There is no offline common format for this record.