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About Living Modified Organism (LMO)

 23 Nov 2021 02:44

Use the “Living Modified Organism (LMO)“ common format to submit information on living modified organisms (LMOs), including information on the introduced genetic elements, parental and/or donor organism(s), biotechnological trait(s), transformation event, the unique identification code (if available) and detection methods.

This record may be submitted online by any registered BCH user, but its accuracy and completeness must be validated by the Secretariat prior to its publication. 

Please fill in the “Submission form” and complete the fields according to the instructions. 

Certain fields are mandatory and indicated with an asterisk (*). The “Review" of the form will highlight the mandatory fields that need to be filled before the record can be published. The record can be saved as a draft. Frequently saving your records is recommended, especially, in case of intermittent internet connections.

More information:

You may also download and complete the offline common format, available in MS Word format, in your preferred language to assist you in gathering and organizing information prior to submitting it online.