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How do I update information on the Country Profile page? (video)

  23 Nov 2021


Use the Country Profiles for Biosafety Clearing-House (BCP) online format to create or edit additional information to appear on your Country Profile page. The information published through this common format will be displayed in the “Additional information for the country profile” section.

Please note that only one country profile record per country can be created. There is no offline common format for this record type.


  1. Sign in to the Submit page.
  2. If the record exists: on the Dashboard, click on the Country Profiles for Biosafety Clearing-House (BCP) or click on the ‘list’ icon. Then click on the record from the list, and then on the ‘edit’ icon.
  3. If the record does not exist: on the Dashboard, click on the ‘+’ icon to create it. TIP: If you inadvertently click on the ‘+’ icon and the record does exist in the BCH, the system will automatically alert you and will redirect you to the existing record. 
  4. Fill in the “Submission form” and complete the fields according to the instructions.
  5. Publish your record.

Please note that, as with all National Records, only the BCH National Focal Point (BCH-NFP) has the authority to publish the BCP record. 

If you are a CPB National Focal Point (CPB-NFP) or National Authorized User (NAU): once you click on “Publish”, you will then need to click on the Request Publication button. A "Publishing Request" box will appear. Write an additional message, if you wish, and click on the Send Request button. An e-mail message will then be sent to the BCH-NFP with your request. The record will now have the "Pending approval" status. Once it is published, you will be notified by e-mail and the record’s status will change from "Pending approval” to “Published”.

If you are a BCH-NFP and need to publish the record created by a CPB-NFP or NAU: All records pending your approval are visible on your Dashboard. Whenever a new request for publishing is made, you will receive an automated "publishing request" message at your registered e-mail. Click on the link provided in the e-mail message. You will be prompted to log in to the BCH with your registered account. Once logged in, you will see the details of the "Publishing Request" record with the following buttons: ApproveEditReject. Click on Approve to publish the record. Respectively, you can also edit or reject the request.

Please also watch the video below, created in-house by the Secretariat:

How to update information on the Country Profile page

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