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What is the general process for submitting a record?

  23 Nov 2021

Records are submitted through the Dashboard of the Submit page. To access the Submit page, registered users need to sign in with their e-mail and password.

Submission of a record consists of the following 4 steps

1) IntroductionThis is where you will find explanatory information about the selected record type.
2) Submission form

This is the core section in the online process to submit your selected record to the Clearing-House. Some fields provide descriptive text to assist you in entering information correctly. The fields can be free text, drop-down lists or multiple choice options.  Mandatory fields are indicated with a red asterisk (*). You can also save your record as a draft and share that draft with colleagues. You can also access the offline common format (downloadable Word file that contains the same fields as the online “Submission form”).

3) ReviewIn this section, you can review and verify the information you entered in the “Submission form”. The “Review” will highlight the mandatory fields that need to be filled before the record can be published. 
4) Publish

In this last step, you will proceed to publish your record.  When you click on “Publish”, you will see one of the following two buttons, depending on your user role:

  • Publish

The Publish button appears if you are a BCH National Focal Point (BCH-NFP) or ABS Publishing Authority (ABSCH-PA) and submitting a National Record. BCH-NFPs/ABSCH-PAs are the only users who are authorized to publish National Records.

  • Request Publication

The Request Publication button appears for all registered users, including BCH-NFPs/ABSCH-PAs (if they are submitting a Reference Record). When you click on Request Publication, a pop-up text box appears in which you may wish to enter any additional text to include with your request.

Once the record has been validated and published, the submitting user will receive an automatic e-mail notification that the record has been made public. In some cases, the user may receive a request for changes prior to validation.

Additional Clarification:

Some records require validation prior to their publication in the Clearing-House.

National Records  submitted to the Clearing-House by a National Authorized User or National Focal Point (for CPB or ABS) must be validated and published by the BCH-NFP/ABSCH-PA.

Reference Records submitted by any user (including BCH-NFP/ABSCH-PA) are sent to the Secretariat. It is then the responsibility of the Secretariat to ensure the accuracy and completeness of these records prior to their publication. Thus, Reference Records are published by the Secretariat only.

Contacts (CON) are the only records that can be published by any (national or general) registered users.




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